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Wow, great!)) Not boring at all and really hardcore if you don't know the keyboard XD

My highest score is not that high XD I have fear to try other languages ><

Hahaha! Nice! Glad you enjoyed the game!
And if you find it hard to try other languages, you should at least try to type ZOMBIE, BARBARIAN or IZIPIZI at the language selection ;)

Obrigada!))) I scored 249 as I am almost a professional Zombie XD So much fun!)) Why don't you have Russian?) I can help  you pick up the Russian words as it's my native language XD Honestly, this games really helps to remember the keyboards)) thanks a lot!

That would be great Eva!

Agreed!)) I realize that I know Russian keyboard a bit better than the English one, so I'd like to take an experiment and find out how much it is easier to play if you know the keyboard))