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Interesting gameplay!) And very cute ovni ^__^

thank you, im glad you liked it !

Nice ! I scored 120 !

Not sure why it's possible to move the spaceship but eh why not.

Neat work, it's fun.

thank you, yeahh I was planning to make some platforms draggable, so the spaceship could lift it to the guy pass, in next version it will be possible i guess!

Neat mechanic. Would be interesting if the beam didn't need to come down to the guy.

Thank you, and thank you for the feedback, it's a good point and I should add it for sure :DD

Really cool! Did you make it in one hour?

Thank you! Yes, in game maker it is very fast to make simple games like this, I took more time in the sprites than the code, the menu and score system I use the same for almost all my games so It becomes very easy like the game has less than 10 objects