• Basic commands:
  • Arrow Keys
  • color keys:
  • [ Q ] -> green
  • [ W ] -> red
  • [ E ] -> blue
  • [ R ] -> yellow

Based in the retro shooter spaceships games. Someone need to destroy the meteors around the planet, for this we need their help... The flying squirrels need to save our planet!

Development log


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Wow, great game and music but really hard to remember all the buttons to change colors.

Thank you so much


I got a Highscore of 420+69 c:

It's a good score haha

i love ekorre

Thank you so much for playing and recording! 

I have never noticed that the game never teaches the player how to play, I should update it, 

you can choose the squirrel color pressing the keys [Q] [W] [E] [R] so you can crush different types of meteors!